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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 23, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PST

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the factor is up next. >> bill: a special edition of the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. it's a very special edition of the great american news quiz. i'm from iowa i would know that. >> fascinating. >> showoff. >> steve doocy. martha maccallum and you compete for bragging rights. kwame or nothing. >> maccallum won. be a good sport. >> test your knowledge on the great american news quiz. factor style. you picked. >> teddy bear. >> hi. can we replace doocy? is it too too late? >> you are about to enter the no spin zone. of the factor begins right now.
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>> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of the factor. the great american news quiz spectacular. for the next hour you will get to test your knowledge and play along with us. so let's begin. first topic, will he general gather actor john wayne. >> all right. here is question number one. movie fans all over the world idolize john wayne for his nonsense attitude. >> get out of the way, carrie. >> i haven't got a gun on me. >> no? then we will do it the hard way. that had to hurt. >> yeah. >> many don't know that john wayne was a stage name. what the hollywood legend's less macho birth name?
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the a is a, that's correct. marianne, the brarn the librarian. don't call him that to his face. e was an imposing character who was usually on the winning end of the fights. >> i have beenok looking forward to this for a long time. >> don't let me disappoint you. all right. i think he won that fight. it lasted three and a half hours. how did he get get nickname dog's name. c he often put up his dukes in the movies. three he is originally from duke, iowa. how did he get his nickname the duke? cards up, please. yes, it was his dog's name. very good. you two are really up on this. >> he was born in winter set,
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iowa. >> bill: fascinating. >> showoff. >> i'm from iowa i would know that. >> you would knoaw that. >> bill: question number three, it's a tie right now. john wayne started in hits. also a couple flops. 1956 john wayne movies call one of the o worst of all time. why is this carcass lying here? >> it is l an omen, my son. >> what talk is this my mother? rid us of this. >> what if you're dead, those who died needlessly for this cursed child. >> chillair. let two men guard this woman and her tent. [ laughter ] >> bill: supposed to be con. do you think he talked like that? and the mustache,.
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that's very -- like i said, i will give you a thousand dollars if you grow a mustache like that and wear it on this program. >> a thousand dollars? >> i think he probably would do it for a thousand dollars. >> what if they paint it on. >> kilmeade could do it. let's get him. that was conqueror john wayne. not the high point. who got that right. >> she did. >> bill: leading beay one. i'm not paying attention to my own program here. you lead by one last movie releasedd in 1976. whats what the name of that film? brown again, train robber. shootest, the cowboys. what was the name of the last film? cards up, please. come on, doocy. role the tape, please. throw me the wallet. >> yes, sir, a little something extra. >> you have a long winter belly ache you boob. [ laughter ] >> bill: that was a great
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film. thewas the little kid in film that followed wayne around? ron howard.ou >> opie? >> opie? >> bill: that's right. opie. you don't even know what the movie is about. maccallum one to go. john wayne was considered for the role in a 1970s action film it was ultimately decided he was too old for the part. the movie went on to be successful. what movie was it? the answer is roll the tape. >> i know what you are thinking. did he fire six shots or only five? tell yoube the shoot truth in all this excitement i lost track myself. being 44 magnum the most powerful handgun in the world would blow your head clean off, you have got to ask question, do i feel luck? well, do you?
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ienk? >> bill: i'm glad he didn't get the role because the movie would have been named dirty marion. ], you >> thank you. john wayne expert. >> bill: you are really an afficionado. >> you can say that doocy is rumored to be that. is he on 18 hours a day. what time do you guys start 2:00 in the morning now "fox & friends"? >> ing forget. >> bill: by the time you get to 7:00. this is the desk we sleep under by the way. >> bill: johnny carson hosted "the tonight show" from 1962 to 1992. >> i have a lot of apples and pears and pumpkins, potato chips. okay. chips, look at this one, john. [ laughter ]
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carson set a reported for longest setting host of a program. that letter r was later broken by whom answer is yes, bob barker come on down. he is still cooking, right? >> he is. go neuter your animal. >> pets and stuff like that. early in her career barbara walters was a today show today girl. female reporter who handled weather, entertainment and even advertisements. >> today's y rising prices are enough to upset anyone's stomach one of the most economical and effective ways to sooth it is with flexeril alamox. >> she going to kill you. >> bill: what famous tv mom also served as a towed girl early in her career?
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very good. it's a tie. okay. question number three. oprah winfrey is a media power house. you let me into your homes to talk to you every day. this is what you allowed me to do. and i thank you for that. >> you are welcome, oprah, but you broke into ohio house ms. winfrey had a modest beginning starting as a local reporter in what city? is a nashville. where did i start? no one cares. not that they don't know. they don't care. scranton, pennsylvania. channel 16. >> topeka kansas. >> where did you start maccallum. >> right here in new york city. >> tough one for you. >> rough on the way up.
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>> where else would i start? >> here is question number four. presidential candidate bill clinton displayed saxophone. what song did he play to appeal to the hipper audience ♪ ♪ heart break hotel. maccallum is complaining younger audience elvis song. you know, when they liked elvis they were young. all right. >> wasn't exactly a hip song. >> bill: something strange is
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happening. doocy got them all right. he is four for four already. dave garaway was the first host of "the today show" on nbc. he famously had a chimp as a sidekick. >> i'm looking at you -- no, i'm not looking at you. take yourke mouth out of my glasses there. i can't see too good without these. >> the chimp, jay fred mugs is actually still alive. >> you are kidding. >> 6-year-old chimp is currently a chimpanzee retirement center of course he is. located where? where is the retirement center? kidding me? >> bill: cards up, please. come on, let's go. d, florida. got them all right, doocy. >> he is not at the villages, is he? >> bill: i could see him driving a little cart around. >> that's the best question ever. >> all right. >> coming up, the great
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american news quiz. >> whoever comes meeting he is the traitor. don't forget that. >> the gangster edition. just moments away. we have some great clips to we have some great clips to show you after these shortúúúúúú
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c'mon0manp just do it.ú no one's watchingp ♪musicú ♪musicú good job >> back of the book seeing isment tonight. the great american news quiz, the gangster edition. category forng maccallum. >> thank you. >> it was either that or suh chefs. >> it's gangster not gangsta. >> real gangsters. maccallum interested in crime. question number one, one of the most famous movie gangsters of all time was portrayed by march len brando. >> i don't know what to do. i don't know what to do. you can act like a man. what's the matter with you. is this how you turn down --
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cries like a woman? [crying] >> what could i do? what can i do? you spent time with your family? >> sure i do. >> good. a man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man. the character was based on several different real life mafia bosses but the don's friendship with that character singer john in fontaine was reportedly based upon the relationship of frank sinatra and which real life mobster. the answer is sam giancana. actually writing a book. not that you care but i thought i would mention it tied, very thrilling so far. here is question number two.
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the notorious john dillinger robbed dozens of banks in the 1930s. >> nice game mr. president called spin the dial. >> dillinger was gunned down outside a chicago movie theater after the fbi was tipped off to his whereabouts by whom? the answer is the prostitute. that's correct. the hooker. i knew that maccallum was going to rise to the gangster thing. she looks gorge nelson in a
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george clooney movie. [gunfire] i'm bigger than any guy. >> that's the crazy connie brothers. to this day baby face nelson holds what dubious distinction american history? what did baby face nelson do that stands in the record books? the answer is, correct. kill the most fbi agents. three a questions, three correct answers. i don't think that has ever happened before. ladies and gentlemen. should we quit while we are ahead? >> good night, everybody. >> what a good idea. >> this is an easy one. this is the easiest question coming up. >> al capone, one of the mostngn
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american history. >> did i ask you what you are trying to do? did i ask you what you are trying to do? i wanted you to get [bleep] where he breathes. i want you to find this boy. i want him dead. >> bill: sounds like a factor meeting. [ laughter ] >> just kidding. for you media matters people. get that right up on your web site. all right, now, capone was eventually busted for tax evasion and became one of the earliest inmates at what famous prison? where can d. capone go on the federal tax wrap alcatraz. doocy, how could you not a know that? >> i had to miss one. >> yeah, i guess you did. alll: right, maccallum, congratulations, four for fourht but you could still blow it. >> i could. >> bernie madoff back in the news this week as the owners of the new york mets settle a lawsuit stemming from their investment in madoff's fund. >> whenwn fred wilpon was in federal court today they
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appeared happy. the legal settlement with the investors trustee included dropping that wilpon and catherine willfully blind. they did not know they helped madoff steal other investors money. >> bill: also there was a new sentencing madoff was sentenced to play center field for the mets this season. all right. cruel and unhuman punishment i believe. all right, now, there is also another madoff baseball connection. another one of his ripped off investors was which hall of fame pitcher? which pitcher lost money in the madoff scheme. cards up, please. and the answer is. sandy i knew you were going to blow a up. >> gang centers i gangsters i know. >> i will call it a tie. coming up in the great american news quiz. >> best song people ever coming right back.
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>> back of the book segment tonight. the great american news quiz, the funniest people in america edition. just before we appeared here in the break. maccallum went to me i don't even know what the topic is. that's howop seriously she takes. this i don't know what the topic is tonight. >> not like you are going to study.
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it comes completely out of left field. >> bill: turtles. >> okay we are going to do funny people. >> bill: carol burnett won the hearts and minds of americans on that s show. carol burnett said not a show went by where someone didn't ask her to do, what? what did the crowd ask her to do? cards up, please. the answer is, roll the tape: >> in 11 years of questions and answers i don't think there has ever been a time when when some member of our audience hasn't asked this probing and significant question. [ laughter ] hey, do your tarzan yell. [tarzan yell] >> bill: you are right. that was easy. here is number two. don rick kels has been
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entertaining audiences since the 1950s. no one is off to not even world leaders. he rose to the u.s. president at his own inaugural ball. which president was it? cards up, please. the answer is: roll the tape. >> geank, mr. president. nice to see you, sir. and your lovely wife nancy. it's it a big treat for me to fly all the way from california to it be here for this kind of money. [ laughter ]mo >> all right. yo au guys are right again. two for two. >> i don't know what to say. callum didn't know the topic and she has got the first two right. too easy. be here is a tough one. after all these years, i love lucy is still one of the best sitcoms of all time. >> you are doing splendidly. speed it up. [ laughter ]
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>> i love lucy broke all sorts of barriers in tv. in 1952, lucille ball butted heads with studio censors who told her a specific word coulded not be used on her program. what word was that? a the answer is pregnant. that is correct. pregnant with little ricki. >> little ricki. >> little ricki was called little ricki. >> good thing i don't know what the topic is more often. >> you are doing pretty well. it's a tie so it's a cliff hanger. >> she does a news show so this is kind of news to her. >> fun nest people continues doocy pretty much destroying the whole concept. w.c. fields everyone. it is big. using a hard drinking wise guy
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persona. >> i would like to take this -- i w will will up to you. keep your eye on the ball. >> bill: many don't know that w.c. fields was offered a role in a major hollywood blockbuster. he turned it down. supposedly it was because the studio didn't offer him enough money. what movie was it? the answer is, roll the tape. >> oh, the wizard of oz. that's right. the answer is d. we don't have tape on that. >> not in kansas anymore. >> what's the topic again, maccallum. >> i have no idea. >> no one knows where we are here. this is the ether crew, everyone. maccallum pulls ahead and is enjoying this immensely. you should have known this.
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>> i got it. >> w.c. fields wanted him to play the wizard. >> i got it wrong. ether land. > i said citizen cain. >> jonathan winters, love him, had the country laughing since th te 1950s, characters resonated with audiences everywhere. in the 198yw os, winters popularity surged when he took on the role in a popular sitcom. what show waswh that? cards up please. the answer is roll the tape. >> green and red and goes 200 miles per hour? >> i don't know, what? >> a frog in a blender. >> doocy wins. he is still alive. lives in santa barbara right miller. is he the funniest guy ever. i think he he is the funniest american. >> i love when people are so funny.
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>> maccallum you lost but you did all right for not knowing anything about it. >> can i come back next week? >> bill: great american news quiz, the most successful movies of all time
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>> back of the book segment tonight. great american news quiz, the most successful films of all time edition. question number one. the 1939 classic gone with the wind considered to be one of the most successful films ever. >> rhett, if you go, where will i go? what shall i do? >> frankly my dear i don't give a damn. >> bill: all right, now an odd thing happened to one of b the film's academy award statues. what is it? what happened with one of the gone with the wind statues and
1:30 am
i thought you couldn't sell those things. >> no, you are not supposed to. nothing will happen to you. it's kind of like committing murder in new york city. [ laughter ] >> just a joke. >> sad b but true. maccallum breaks on top. question number two, star wars well remembered for wide array ofd characters? >> i'm captain millennium. tells me you are looking for passage. >> yes, indeed. if it's a fast chip. >> fast chip? you have never heard of the millennium faulk? >> bill: what famous actor turned down who turned down that part? cards up, please. and the answer is b, burt reynolds. >> whoa. >> guessing. >> right timing for burt reynolds. >> right timing. >> he would have been about the right age how old they were. what burton may have been doing at that point.
1:31 am
he turned down star wars for smoky and the bandit. i don't know if that's a wise career move. you know, that's what burt did. okay. here is question numberum three. maccallum almost insurmountable. stephan spielberg, w which of the following is his most successful film? what is spielberg's most successful box office film and the answer is: roll the tape. ♪ ♪ all right. e.t. did you both get that wrong? >> i got it right. >> bill: you got it right. another guess. that is amazing. >> that wasn't a guess. >> bill: three for three all guesses.
1:32 am
>> that was not a guess. i have three copies of e.t. at home. hang in there, howard. >> we have two more questions. i'm sure you would like to hear them. >> we can stop right here. >> i want to hear them. >> i'm done. >> >> bill: all right doocy you certainly are. which of these hollywood hits won a staggering 11 academy awards tieing the most for record in a year. cards up, please. and the answer is: roll the tape. ♪ >> i'm the king of the world! whoo! >> bill: i would hav e pushed him overboard but that's just me. you are on aru cruise ship with those guys. >> titanic the sequel. >> last one quadruple or
1:33 am
nothing.ll >> maccallum won be a good sport. what is the most successful musical of all time. clam bake isn't on the list? i'm shocked. the answer is roll the tape ♪ the hills are alive ♪ with the sound of music. >> would you like to, again? ♪ the hills are alive. >> bill: there is going to be an avalanche any second. >> i actually true story, all right, doocy enough. true story, i actually wandered in that field in austria. i wandered in that exact field. >> they put a plaque there after that. >> t alive with the sound of music. >> you can call security, please? >> in a moment. the great american news quiz, the ancient rock band edition,
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>> welcome back to great special great american news quiz edition of the o'reilly factor. now, if you are a music fan, this section is for you. if you are not, just enjoy as steve and martha compete for news quiz supremacy. now, these are the best singers, i think, that have ever graced our shores. elvis presley. oh, yeah. 18 songs. number one on the charts during his career which was his first number one hit? first hit, cards up, please. let's roll that tape ♪ well if your baby leaves you ♪ you have got a tale to tell ♪ heart break hotel.
1:37 am
>> bill: there he is. they were both wrong. heart break hotel is the answer. you picked hound dog, right? >> teddy bear. i like teddy bear. >> teddy bear. >> bill: can i replace doocy? is it too late? i guess it is. question number two, barbra streisand you know her you love her. polarizing figure because of her political views. what tv show parodied as a giant godzilla like monster? >> they all did. >> bill: the answer is: roll the tape. >> >> bill: that was south park. you both got that wrong, too. >> i got it right. >> i have got to pay attention. >> you are the driver. >> bill: i am. >> this is the most confusing part of your job. >> bill: paying attention and i'm not. you are ahead by one. doocy is totally out of it.
1:38 am
check the tie out on doocy today. >> purple polka dots. >> i get dressed in the dark. you are lucky i'm wearing pants. >> thank god. [ laughter ] all right. frank sinatra died in 1998. what song title is engraved as an epitaph on senate that's tombstone? interesting question. ♪ the best is yet to come ♪ and, babe, won't it be fine ♪ the best is yet to come ♪ come the day that you're mine. >> bill: i saw him. i never saw elvis but i saw sinatra. >> so did i. >> you got that.
1:39 am
>> bill: you got it wrong. a tie with 2 to go. >> it's a tie, wink. question number four, aretha franklin queen of soul drew a lot of attention to inauguration odd choice of head ware wear. what song did she sing that day. there is the head ware. a the sean roll the tape again ♪ my country tis of thee? sweet land of liberty. >> all right. so, you both got that wrong, right? >> apparently. >> still a tie with one to go and i have the tie breaker in my mind. >> oh, good. something to look forward to. >> judy garland shot to fame after starring war in the
1:40 am
wizard of oz ♪ somewhere over the rainbow ♪ way up high. >> bill: what actress was originally offered that role but couldn't get out of her contract with a competing movie studio? >> shirley would be better in that real than elizabeth taylor. >> you both rock fans, right? >> you got that little undershirt going on. >> rocker t-shirt on for you. >> here is question number one, 42 years after the beatles sadly ended, paul mccartney still going strong, which one ofne his songs has been dubbed the most covered song in history?
1:41 am
cards up, please, roll the tape. ♪ i said something wrong ♪ now i long for yesterday. >> bill: d, maccallum is right. yesterday one of my least. a little modlin. pick up the pace a little bit. >> come on. suck it up. >> i lik.e baby, can you drive my car. besttn mccartney song. >> you do a cover like that >> the beach boys brought the california surf rock to the entire foundation innt the 1960's. ♪ u.s.a. ♪ everybody's gone surfing ♪ surfing u.s.a. >> doocy has shirts like that. [ laughter ] >> bill: who knows if they would have been so wildly successful if the beach boys
1:42 am
had keptif their original name which was a the pendletons, wilson love and the boys. grovey waves. quartet. what were the original names of the beach boys? cards up, please, the answer is a the pendletons, how did you know that? >> what else would it somebody in. >> that means he guessed ladies and gentlemen. pendletons. tied with three to go. question number three. in their 50 year span, the rolling stones have made millions of fans all over the world, even president obama is a fan of the stones. what does he say, the president say is his favorite rolling stone song? mr. obama's favorite stone song. cards up, please. come on, doocy, get that card up. roll the tape. ♪ if i don't get some shelter ♪ yeah, i'm going to fade away
1:43 am
♪ bone chiller ♪ just a shot away ♪ just a shot away. >> exceptional song holds up after all these years. give me shelter. >> song to the devil good shot, too. >> could be the theme song for hud give me shurelt. >> do you want to inject politics. >> why don't you sing some more? >> ha ha, doocy. any time you want a sing off, man. you put the 10 grand up on there. >> i will enter. you be the judge. >> we have. >> 1 to 1. >> bill: we have 1-1 with two to go. question number four, what front man for a long running band was savaged by the press for awful national anthem performance at the 2001 indy 500?
1:44 am
who blew the star spang imeld banner at indy? and we will roll the tape ♪ for the land of the free yeah ♪ and the home of the indianapolis 500. >> bill: i would have deported him ladies and gentlemen. now i hear that t he and rosanne barr are doing a duet on the national anthem. maccallum got that right doocy has no clue. one more toe go. which rock band has longest standing original lineup dating back 40 years
1:45 am
♪ she got legs ♪ she knows how to use them >> bill: zz top. b. he hasn't shaved in 40 years. rip van wink kel. mac callum
1:46 am
1:47 am
1:48 am
>> bill: back of the book segment tent, great american news quiz, the flamboyant women question. here is question number one on the flamboyant women michelle obama went on tv to respond to the controversy over her new book. >> i guess it's more interesting to imagine this conflicted situation here a strong woman and, you know, but that's been an image that people have tried to paint of me since, you know, the day barack announced that i'm some angry black woman. >> bill: okay, now mrs. obama is a lawyer making her the third first lady to hold a postgraduate degree. who is the first? first first lady. >> she is the third? >> bill: that's right, doocy. here we go. and roll the tape. no, the answer is d, hillary clinton. you both got it wrong. hillary clinton. >> bill: got a little master's degree, right?
1:49 am
and then laura bush, i believe has a librarian masters. >> i will be darn. >> bill: question number two, marilyn monroe no advanced tree. often played a ditsy blonde and reportedly felt that critics didn't give her enough credit for acting skills. though she was nominated for oscar she did win a golden globe for her role in what film? golden globe what film? seven year itch. gentlemen prefer blondes. some like it hot. d bus stop. where did she win her golden globe. cards up please and roll the tape. ♪ so sorry. you won't tell anybody, will you? >> bill: doocy got it right. no surprise there. >> flamboyant. >> did you see that movie some like it hot? >> yes, i have seen it. very good film.
1:50 am
>> those were men dressed as women. >> really? really, doocy? they are flamboyant men. >> no end to your detective capability. >> i think i had a critic critical care right -- crick right here. >> we will stand on principle or we will not stand at all. >> but, margaret, with all due respect, when one has been to war -- >> -- i have done battle every single day of my life. >> bill: iron lady is her nickname mrs. thatcher also known by another title conferred on her in 19 2. what is it? the iron lady is what other moniker? cards up, please. the answer is d baroness. >> ain't nothing like a dame.
1:51 am
why it two questions to go. >> bill: doocy could you forego the ad-libs? >> sorry. i thought it was a talk show. >> not for you. >> bill: they don't pay me enough. 90-year-old nancy reagan fairly robust for her age still participating in events husband's presidential library. she gave people a scare a few months ago when she almost fell down at an event. she was saved by what politician or hero? bnk okay, maccallum. you should have got than one. are you on the air every morning? >> all right. >> that was very disturbing. >> bill: you still could tie him. question number 5, hillary clinton was named the number
1:52 am
one admired it was the 16th time hillary hit number one. what other first lady came in first a lot topping the list 13 times? >> the experience which is the most valuable is the experience of doing things for yourself. eleanor roosevelt. doocy wins, he is smirking. >> in a moment, 50 years of james bond movies. the news quiz will ask you all about it. >> bond, james bond. >> bill: and we're cominggggg
1:53 am
1:54 am
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, t you would lit prizes sign up on bill
1:55 am
o' 50th anniversary of james bond movies. do women care about james bond. >> women love james bond movies. >> bill: they love him. there have been seven of them do they love every james bond movie. >> we will find out. >> bill: you are engaged here? >> absolutely. >> bill: doocy was worried this may be too macho. >> is he [explosion] >> i admire your luck, mr. -- >> bond -- james bond. >> bill: all right. now, what was the name of the very first james bond film released in 1962? >> bill: cards up, please, the answer is d, dr. no. maccallum bursts out. so she may may be, doocy, the
1:56 am
bond. >> we will find out. >> b . tection. >> bill: there was casino royal starring woody allen. that's true. sean connery wowed audiences hin the aforementioned dr. no. >> james bond, 007, licensed to kill whom he pleases, where he he pleases, when he pleases. >> bill: excellent. now connery was not the first choice for the role. which actor turned down the part of 007? the answer is d, carrie grant. that is correct. >> i didn't know that. >> bill: now you do. >> i do. that's what i love about this. cary grant. he would have been, good. >> b away. license to kill, doocy off the planet. here is question number three
1:57 am
british author aaron fleming. he wrote the first one in 1953. what popular children's book did ian fleming also write. chitty chitty bang bang, near, far, in a motor car ♪ what a happy time we will spend ♪ chitty chitty bang bang. >> bill: that's the most annoying film of all time. >> bill: you both got it right, chitty chitty bang bang fleming wrote. a tie with two questions to go. action and suspense around the only things that draw 007 fans to the theaters. some go to see the beautiful
1:58 am
question five, let's try to break the tie. james bon are known for villians . one was an interesting weapon. a show that shoots bullets or poisoned dark cup links . what about odd job kill people with? cards in place. and roll the tape.
1:59 am
all right. she wins. >> what a wimp you are. he was electrocuted in the movie. >> and that's what he had on. you won't be able to talk don't miss the bond. very good impressive. we have a lot of free movies. you are a wimp losing to her. >> oh, my god. >> we'll have child movies for you. >> we will have lassy and shirrley templ


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